Task ? done !

through iAlert Facility, customers, supervisors and management can always be aware of the location and status of their staff at any given time


 Alert function

by pressing this button, user sends a distress signal to a    Security Operations Center.  The signal carries the geo location, and can be distinguished between  safety events for personal issues, fire or health emergencies.   


Take a photo function

by pressing this button, user can photo-shot of a scene.  The signal also carries geo location.


Notifications function

the user receives emergency information and instructions through the Security Operations Center, concerning job issues and urgent situations.

Scan a Tag  function

by pressing this button, user can scan QR codes or NFC tags.  The signal also carries  geo location.



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Put your safety marks in place


  Follow the tracks of your staff or cooperate with a security pro


 You are protected

Learn how to use it

Set it up carefully  according to your needs.

Take a look in the User's guide. 



customers, supervisors and management can always be aware of the location and status of guards at any given time.   



a simple app for your staff, 

simplistic for your management.




Each user can "download" it for free. The payment for the connectivity with the "Realview 4security" management software or through API to your platform, is provided in the form of subscription per device, per month or year, for unlimited security guards/staff.

Cooperate with a security Pro

Gov services (911, 112), exist and provide good care for your guard/staff. Such thing these days, it's a really helpful act. Along with the iAlert FACILITY app, you have an alternative solution and a helpful service from a list of profesionals in the security sector, around the world. Just in case!

Server-less infrastructure

The software code of this app, is transmitting data to a serverless infrastructure. This technique makes data robust, secure and fast. This is what a company wants when offering safety and control.

Functions update

The smart phones evolve constantly and so, does the iAlert FACILITY. The users will continuously receive updates for free, for new sensor's operation and new functions.