Advantages and what about competition?

          1. Device cost . The cost of a tracker/sos device for guard duty, remains high. Much more than the cost of a smart phone, of good quality. Also many mobile phone companies subsidise the purchase of a new smart phone. 
          2. Subscription cost . The cost of the iAlert Facility application is zero and the user can download it for free. Payment for the service of connecting to a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is provided in the form of a subscription per device, per month or year, for unlimited guards. So you can stop it when you don't need it. The benefits remain multiple contributory. 
          3. Private service . The subscription assistance service from SOC, if you choose, is provided by security professionals with high-tech infrastructure. Based on the data you provide them as a user, the SOC people act exclusively for you.
          4. Data quality . Many tracker/sos devices, as well as smart phones, also offer sos services enabling the user to communicate with their supervisor, headquarters, or partners. To date, however, none of these phones incorporate automatic tracking functions of the guard-employee, so that in combination these data will be given to a SOC, which will handle them immediately and according to your needs. It is assured that in cases of need, every earned second of reaction is valuable, just as valuable is the quality of the data provided.
          5. Upgrade functions . With iAlert Facility, you will constantly receive new features for your patrols and staff health. Smart phones are constantly evolving and together follows iAlert Facility
          6. Actual Update . The briefing of the security personnel is done by sending a message from the SOC using the push-notification method, thus giving the advantage to the SOC to know whether or not the guard has read the message of need or execution of tasks. 
          7. Quality Control  of this service It is possible to capture the geographical position of the guard, by automatically sending a position from the application, without the intervention of the guard.
          8. Infrastructure & Security . The central infrastructure of the application is developed with “server-less” technology. This makes implementation faster, safe from sabotage of central equipment and always efficient even in instantaneous high demand events.